Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Owl Try It

Top, self-stitched
Skirt, Rafaella via Ross
Shoes, Dansko
Necklace, Carrefour
Oh, sure, now the sun comes out, after I've given up trying to get a clear picture and changed my clothes! It's a good thing we aren't doing this self-stitched month deeper into the winter, or I'd never get any good photos! --grumble grumble--

This top was inspired by Self-Stitched September. Compared to skirts, I have very few self-sewn tops, so I decided to get busy and try to get over that hump. Not only do I gravitate towards sewing skirts, I also actively shy away from making tops. Why? Well, part of that is because I prefer knit tops, either tees or sweaters. I've sewn a few knit pieces over the years, but I'm never 100% comfortable with the process. I also like solid tops best, but I rarely find a solid fabric that grabs my attention. Finally, I admit it, I'm always a bit wary of setting in sleeves.

My first goal was to make a knit top. I picked up a cute knit print back at Gaffney's in the spring, and I knew I wanted to make a draped-neck top with it. Not wanting to run the risk of ruining my cute print, I dug this dark green out of my "KNITS" bin to make a prototype. The pattern is New Look 6901, and I remember buying the fabric for $1/yard at Fabric Mart.

So how horrific was it? It wasn't. Even with this very stretchy, slippery, slinky knit, it went pretty smoothly! Just one pattern note: I did lengthen this by about two inches.

Once I finished, I called my mom, and she said I should launch directly into another knit, so I'd keep the mojo going. I thought that was wonderful advice, and I wish I could say I followed it, but I didn't. I wanted to move along to my second goal: Making a print top. You'll see that result soon.

Here are a few close ups of my necklace. What else says autumn like an owl? This set me back a whopping 2 euro at Carrefour in Spain. (That's just 1 euro per owl!) What did I see the next time I looked at the jewelry at Forever 21? Owls, owls, and more owls.


Heather said...

very cute. My aunt collects owls and she'd LOVE that lol.

Lise said...

I'm impressed with your top; that would have intimidated me, too! Great job.

Sherry from Alabama said...

You did a great job on your top! I love solid-color knit tops to go with my home-made print skirts too, but I've not had good experience sewing with knits. After many failures I learned the type of sewing machine needle I use has a lot to do with my results. I'll be looking forward to seeing your print top. Oh, and I love the necklace!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Sewing Princess said...

great top. Did you put interfacing when sewing the neckline? I didn't in a recent top I sewed and the neckline stretched... despite having used a twin needle and walking foot...

Darling Petunia said...

No, Sewing Princess, no interfacing at all.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind sharing, which dansko's are those? Awfully cute. :)

liene said...

That top is so cute....i love knitted fabriks...they kinda give you time to have as nears as it goes to knitted garment without many hours on soffa!

Darling Petunia said...

Anonymous, they are Dansko Dianas, a few years old.