Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Day

Sweater, Kenar via thrift shop
Camisole, Old Navy
Skirt, self-stitched from McCall's 3830
Shoes, Ecco
Necklace, Bijou Brigitte

Do me a favor while you're looking at this, and imagine it much brighter. Well, hold on, you don't have to. Here's an outtake, also the only picture of the bunch that shows the true colors!

Do you like how I'm casually trying to show the shoes? Those shoes are a real departure for me, because they have --gasp-- heels! Oh, I know, that's not much of a heel, but for me, it is. My old-lady, orthopedic inserts don't fit in them, either, but even my foot doctor told me I could skip a day every so often. And really, wouldn't you skip a day for a shoe as cute as this?

This outfit was inspired by the necklace. The color is off in this picture too, so imagine those iridescent beads looking a little more teal. The sweater is one of several purple things I've picked up at the thrift shop lately. Is purple "out" this year? Because it seems like people have dumped a lot of it.

I made the skirt earlier this year, when my search for a tailored denim skirt came up empty. It may not have as much personality as many of my other skirts, but sometimes you just need something basic.

So this is the last day of Self-Stitched September! Hard to believe! I have to say, I'm really glad I participated. If nothing else, it's helped me to become a little more comfortable with standing in front of the camera! Seriously, though, it's made me think of alternate ways of wearing things (the belt!), wear a few things I wasn't too sure about (the dress!), and work on some of my sewing skills (the knit top!). A worthwhile endeavor, I'd say!


Care said...

I think this may be my favorite of all your outfits for SSS... Everything is so fantastic together!

LOVE that necklace, too!

Darling Petunia said...

Thanks, Care! I knew I had to have that necklace when I saw it, even though I'd already bought about twelve others on our trip! But it was only about five bucks, so no biggie, right?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfits, all of them. And heck, yeah, what's with purple? I'm attracted to it suddenly and seeing it everywhere. Yay!

Sherry from Alabama said...

I love prints but I also love basics for their versatility. I think purple is always in style, I need to get to my nearest thrift store and see what's there. I have very little purple. And your them! I lately had to throw away my black mary jane's because I had completely worn them out. I miss them already. I've so enjoyed your September posts. I hope you keep posting your outfit pics even though it is a new month.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine