Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Warm and Toasty

I thought a nice, warm picture from Ireland was in order to counteract the cold, snowy ones I posted the other day. This is the new Stanley cooker at the farm, and isn't it a beauty? Gosh, I love it. I resisted as long as I could, then, much to everyone's amusement, I started taking pictures of it. Nevermind the people we hadn't seen for a year, look at that stove! ;-)

Today my mom chose the winner of my ornament variation contest. Mags, your suggestion to add a bit of glitter to the edges was her favorite! Congratulations! If I weren't so lazy, it would have been fun to make a few and show the winner rather than name the winner, but I don't have any glitter, and it's cold outside, so this will have to do!


Denise said...

I dont blame you for taking pics of the stove. What a beauty!

:o) mg said...

Congrats Mags! :)