Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keep It Simple

Allow me to introduce you to my system. It's not complicated, and it's inexpensive. You don't begin by making up a binder, with page dividers and coordinating fonts and a custom cover. You don't have to go out and buy index cards or have access to a computer. It's a notebook--any notebook. I bought this one in Morocco for about 25 cents. I'm sure you have a spiral notebook somewhere that you bought in the back to school sales for a dime.

The point of the notebook is simple: We write down what needs to be done. Some of these are immediate needs, like laundry, and others are more like goals for the long term. There's a shopping list and notes about measurements. There isn't a lot of time spent fussing with writing things down in their proper sections or keeping it all pristine with custom checklists. That just distracts you from the real purpose. The idea is to get things done, not waste time with a complicated system.
This list is shared. It's not my personal to-do list, and it isn't a honey-do list for Gerry. It's non-threatening that way. You have a day off and you'd like to accomplish something? Check the list for ideas.
About once a week, whatever is left on the previous list will move to the next page. There is no rule about how many times a job can move, but seeing it show up week after week just might serve as a bit of motivation.
I'm going to check back with the notebook from time to time, just to report on how it's working and see if it evolves. It's so simple, it just might work!


Melanie said...

LIKE very much!

Myra said...

I have done that type of a notebook for years, some days it's lost, then found, but I usually keep a running chore list book. When I worked for a mortgage company, that's how I listed my work duties, phone calls, customer conversations, etc.