Friday, January 14, 2011

Check Out My Drawers


You can almost hear the choir of angels: AAAAAAAAAAAH!

See, this is what I'm talking about. Open that drawer on top, and you're going to feel--sorry to sound all new agey, but it's true--negative energy. Open the drawer in the bottom picture, and you're going to find what you want, quickly and easily, without being poked by a stray safety pin or having your knuckles nicked by a heavy pair of pinking shears.

I used one half of an insert for a Darice Protect 'n Store box as my organizer. A drawer organizer was not on my shopping list, but this one caught my eye at JoAnn's. For $2.99, it seemed like it was worth a try. I really like that it's crystal clear, and the compartments are good sizes for this kind of stuff.

Originally, the tray measured 12 by 12 inches, which was too big to fit the drawer, so I cut it in half down the middle. I used one half here and the other in a different project which I'll share soon!


Anonymous said...

"LAAAAAAAAAA!!" (That's the opening chord to the Halleluiah Chorus.)

It's a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous!!

Paula Jo @ Garden Accents | Home Accents said...

Gosh, you have been busy and it shows. You've done a great job, and when you get done you can just jump to my house and get started. lol

Lauren said...

love this! it looks great! i just did the same things to my craft drawers