Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not Like Me

I bought a Cricut.
Yeah, I know, it surprises me too. I've made a card now and then, but scrapbooking is not my thing, so I try to stay out of those aisles and pretend things like this don't exist. But then a friend asked if I'd like to go to a crop with her, and due to my policy of never turning down an invitation, I said yes. My plan was to show up with my little shoebox of supplies and spend the time quietly cutting out hearts with scissors while the others did their scrapbooking things with glue dots and acid-free what-nots and Stickles, whatever they are.

I'd been reading about these things, and they didn't sound all that interesting. They cut shapes out of paper--so what? Where is the creativity in that? Why would I buy something to do what I can already do with a pair of scissors?
My mistake was in thinking this was like those first generation die cutters that involve putting a die between two plates and cranking it through a gadget. Nope, this thing is computerized. You can adjust the size of the shape you want to cut out just by turning a dial. Want a tiny little apple? Turn the dial. Want the biggest apple you can fit on a sheet of paper? Hit a button. Want the machine to cut out as many two inch apples as will fit on a sheet of paper? It can do that too, and it takes about a minute.
Second revelation: There is still creativity involved when you are choosing papers, combining designs from different cartridges, and deciding on a layout. Let's face it, the cutting is mostly a necessary evil anyway, and this way you get to concentrate on the fun stuff!
Last but not least, look at how smooth those cuts are. I've cut out a LOT of shapes in my life, starting with hundreds of letters I traced and cut out to make signs for the Student Council bulletin board in high school. Even with all that practice and a great pair of scissors, I can't cut a shape as perfectly crisp and clean as that. It reminds me of when I first saw a P-Touch in action. Suddenly it wouldn't do to label something with a mere pen.
I love this thing. L-O-V-E. Do you have one? Ever used one?


Paula Jo @ Garden Accents | Garden Decor said...

Sounds like you had a good time and learned a few things. I'm not into scrap booking, but sounds like a neat gadget.

seeRsew said...

I have been tempted by the Cricut on several occassions, but the price has always kept me from pulling out the debit card. Plus, I do zero scrapbooking so it really would be for the random project. Keep us updated on how you end up using it! Maybe I'll be able to come up with an excuse to buy one!

Darling Petunia said...

seeRsew, I succumbed because someone tipped me off to the Create on clearance at Michaels for $50. There are also some good deals on ebay.

Care said...

Confession time: I have held the same philosophy as you. I prefer my scissors.

Confession #2: I own a Cricut. Got it for Christmas in 2009. 2009!

Confession #3: I have used it once! ONCE!!

I do love paper, and once could have called myself a paper girl. But now I feel I am a FABRIC girl, through and through!!

But I have to say, that apple of yours -- the cutouts, the colors, everything -- is FABULOUS. Maybe I should dust it off and bust it out again........

Anonymous said...

LOVE mine!

You can cut: paper, vinyl, wall paper, fabric for appliques, fondant for cake decorating I kid you not!!

The Swan said...

Heheh you know what I did but I spent way more than $50. In the process of setting up an area that i can use to play with it more. I want to amazon and get that wild things cartridge now

Dana said...

LOVE MINE! Go and get Make The Cut and you can cut ANYTHNG!!!!!! I LOVE MINE! I've used it for Vinyl, etching, paper crafts, appliques (fabric). Its AWESOME! Going to work n some Rhinestone designs soon!