Monday, May 23, 2011

Kitchen Corner

Before we started redoing the kitchen, this space was occupied by a flimsy cabinet we bought about ten years ago at one of the mega-stores. We had painted it green to match our cabinets, so in order for it to stay, we would have had to paint it again. Frankly, it wasn't worth it. The drawer never opened very smoothly, the shelves weren't deep enough to hold much, and the unpainted faux butcherblock top had seen better days.

One thing we really needed to do in the kitchen was find space for some of the larger items. Stuff like the big containers of flour and the salad spinner were taking up precious space in our petite cabinets. We also had potatoes and onions literally piled on the floor in the corner most of the time, because we had no set spot for keeping them.

Just as we were starting on the kitchen, I saw a rolling cart in a Real Simple kitchen makeover and really liked the idea. The cart in question was only $60, which seemed like a steal, so I went to the Ikea website to investigate. Of course, that small, Bekvam cart was overshadowed once I saw the whole range of kitchen carts available. We ended up spending an extra $100 on the Flytta, but look how much it holds!

I did miss my towel drawer, though, so I rigged up a "drawer" using an old plastic bin, also from Ikea. This one is much easier to pull out than the old, sticky one!


Megan said...

Oh I long for one of those. I have a napanee cabinet in my kitchen and that's it for surfaces. A big metal cart like that would be so handy. I never realized how similar our tastes are. I bet we would have fun in thrift stores

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