Monday, May 30, 2011

Need Your Input!

Know what I'm up to now? I need a curtain for the kitchen. I pulled a bunch of fabrics from the stash to see how they'd look. Should we take a look at the window?

It's the door of our snack cabinet. I don't mind the glass fronts in the other cabinets, but this one is so big and always so messy, I prefer to cover it up. Besides, I don't want everyone to see how much crap I eat! Actually, that's a lie. It's no secret.

Right away, I realized I like the more simple, graphic prints better. The others seemed too specific, and I didn't like how they were broken up by the panes. This, however, is a little too circus. Okay, it's all three rings and a herd of elephants. I love the spots, but this is too much of a cute thing.

This one I like. Still spots, but not so in your face. It also looks a little like chicken wire, in a good way. It's kind of a shout out to the country kitchen it used to be, but modernized.

This fabric wasn't in the first pile, because it's been slated to become a curtain for the sewing room for the past ten years. Seeing as how I've gotten along just fine without that curtain, I thought I'd see how it looked in the kitchen. I like this one. The colors are great, and it isn't fussy. When I ran the stripes the other way, they didn't seem to stand out as much. Does it look strange this way?

Then I started thinking I liked this fabric so much, I might want to use it to make cafe curtains instead. It looks good in this picture, but...

...when I see it on both windows, it seems too busy. There's a lot going on in that cart/shelf area, so I need to keep the windows simple.

I'm actually quite happy with them completely uncovered, but I'm still toying with the idea of putting the bamboo shades back up.

So, I have two things to decide:

1. Which fabric should I use in the cabinet window? I like either the second spotty fabric or the stripes. I can also keep looking!

2. Should I leave the windows uncovered or put the shades back up?

Weigh in with your opinions!
I'm looking forward to getting some input!


Mrs. Burris said...

Personally, I prefer the "chicken wire" fabric. Making these decisions always feels so big to me, but I'm learning to remember it doesn't have to be permanent!

Sonia said...

I vote for the amy butler polka dots. Of course, I'm a sucker for polka dots. I have my kitchen fabric picked out, now I just have to decide what pattern to use for my curtains :/

Anonymous said...

oh help! I wasn't sure about fabric at all... How about a frosted window film that's applied to the glass and is removable? I really like that corner of the kitchen but am unsure about any of the fabrics. A plain or frosted film would let the light in the windows, give you some subtle pattern and, at the same time, disguise the cupboard contents.

Angelia 729 said...

I liked the fruit print on the darker blue.. the realistic one.
but if you want something less busy, go with the blue on blue dots. i like stripes too, mine are in the kitchen, a yellow/red/green stripe.

Samina said...

I vote for the horizontal stripes. I think they have an updated, classic look. I can't see how we're helping though, since none of us seem to agree ;-)

Christy said...

so...let me throw a wrench into things... If you don't want the cupboard to be a focal point, use the blue on blue spots. If you want it to be a focal point, use the stripes.

I like the stripes as curtains on the actual windows instead, but if you are concerned about it being too busy, why don't you use white cotton with the stripe as a 2.5-3" strip on the bottom (or top)? Then you retain the crisp cool look of the overall kitchen, with an interesting pop of color to make it special.

Vicki said...

I like the fruit fabric. It looks so vintage. And I like the windows without the blinds. JMO

Denise said...

I like the blue chicken wire looking fabric for the cupboard and I think the stripes in the kitchen look great. You could make roman shades for the windows. That way the color is up higher than your cart and would balance. Fabrics are great though cause you can change them out so easily and they dont cost you as much as regular curtains you buy.

Denise said...

Oh and you could make an apron to match! :)

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

I like the chicken wire one that is blue. The window would be cute with a valance, and a matching curtain on the bottom half. I think this would be darling.