Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Okay," you're thinking, "She's gone completely 'round the bend. She took a picture of bread toasting." Yep...yep, I did.

Because I got my dream toaster! I have been coveting one of these babies for years, and when we started sprucing up the kitchen, the toaster lust awakened. It was back, worse than ever. Every piece of toast I made in our old toaster just reminded me of what could be. I hate to admit it, but my love affair with my vintage 1968 Proctor-Silex was over. Its every flaw was magnified. I wanted to trade in my old model for a new one. I wanted a trophy toaster. I was sneaking peeks at the Dualit website after my husband went to sleep.

Oh my. Two slice? Four slice? And what color? Red? Or is there already too much red in the kitchen? Cobalt blue? NO, I told myself. You cannot spend that kind of money on a toaster. But wait...maybe a used one? From ebay? Thus began my toaster stalking. Drat! Missed out on a blue one! Curses! Forgot to bid on a silver one! In frustration, I turned to Buy it Now and started eyeing refurbs. But which one? Hmm, white? Yes, white would be nice. Three slice? That's not something you see every day. With a cage for toasting sandwiches? Yes, please! And so the Combi became mine.

My inaugural piece of toast got a little dark for my tastes, but look how even it is! The only way to get toast that even in the old toaster was to flip it over halfway through.

Piece number two: Just the way I like it.


Melissa, IL said...

Hi, I love your posts especially your book posts. I was curious to know how well the cage works for toasting sandwiches??? Could you do a review post of how this works?


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful!!

Paula Jo @ Home Decor Accents said...

I'm so glad you got the toaster you wanted, and the toast looks fantastic.

oklyous said...

I really liked reading this post- I did so with a smile on my face.
Just love when people rant happily on about seemingly "basic" things, that in the end makes up our life.
i just love happy people:)