Saturday, September 10, 2011

Closet Questions

Using this post as a guide, I've been attacking my closet again this morning armed with a few questions:

Is it in style? The short, boxy sweater with crochet trim? Out. The pull-on knit skirt with the floral pattern? Out. If I'm honest with myself, I'd feel dowdy and dated wearing some of these things. It may be a "perfectly good" black sweater, but it will drag me down. Out!

Is it MY style? A linen blouse in a dusky blue is just not me. And I could see the sack-dress on someone else, paired with leggings, but not me! I need more tailoring, sharper colors, and what on earth was I doing with that short, denim mini?

Does it fit? This was an eye opener for me. Even though I weigh exactly what I've weighed for the past several years, things fit differently. Some things fit better than I remembered, and some fit worse. If it's something I really like, and it can be altered, it's going in a separate pile. That pile also includes a piece or two with a missing button, slack elastic, etc. Now the trick is to FIX the things in the pile, not just let them sit there!

Do I need it? Ay, there is the rub. This is my problem area. I know I have an excess of black skirts, but each one is different. I don't favor one over the others, they just fill different needs. But I can be more aware of what I aleady have so I don't keep bringing home more. In fact, I found two things in my closet with the tags still attached and decided I don't need either of them. I'm glad I save my receipts!

Is it in good condition? Because I have such a huge volume of clothes, most don't show a lot of wear. But once I get into my pajama drawer, underwear, gym gear, tees, etc. condition will be a factor.
This is how my closet looks right now. It's progress, but not enough. I'm going to give it another run through, after I read the "Wardrobe" chapter in The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide and the wardrobe posts on Francine Jay's blog, Miss Minimalist . I'm not going to get to the point of a "capsule wardrobe," but I need a jolt of something stronger to get me to pare down further. And I haven't even touched any of the other areas where I keep clothes!

Reminder! The Guess the Number of Skirts contest is open for as long as I'm working on my closet!

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Indigo Blue said...

I too weigh the same for some years now but I have found that things have "shifted" position and some of my favourite clothes, which do suit, are in fashion etc can no longer be worn. Sigh.