Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have You Worn It In the Past Year?

The Great Closet Clean Up begins!

How many times have you heard the advice to purge everything you haven't worn in a year? That little nugget is constantly at the back of my mind when I'm working on the closet, but I ignore it at will. The white skirt that always makes me feel like a nurse? Haven't worn it, probably won't: OUT. The espadrilles I bought in Spain even though I didn't really love them: OUT. Pin-on flowers that are still attached to the cards they came on: OUT.

But this top? It's true, I haven't worn it in a year. You can see my bra straps through it, and that bothers me, so there it hangs. But when I tried it on today, it suddenly hit me: I can wear a sweater over it! So it's getting a second chance.

What about the ethnic pieces in the far reaches of my closet?

Chinese jackets, salwar kameez, a muumuu from Honolulu. Nope, sorry, I'm hanging onto them.

Do you think it'll ever be in style to wear jeans with the pattern of the wire shelving faded onto one leg? OUT.

Know what else is OUT? Capris. I've never liked them on me, but I had a few pairs knocking around. Without fail, if I wore them, I felt like a frump. Now I don't know about you, but at 43 years of age, I don't need any help feeling frumpy. OUT OUT OUT!

Thus ends today's progress. I didn't do anything methodically or spend much time on it. This was just a little warm up to get me in the mood! Thanks to Sherry for sending me a link to closet-clearing advice she found helpful. I am definitely going to read that! Also, Melanie suggested working with a friend over to encourage me to let things go. Isn't that what all of you are for? :-)


Anita said...

I had 'help' when cleaning out my spare room. They told me to donate EVERYTHING! I didn't, but you know what? They did give me the shot in the arm I needed when indecisive. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've got a denim mini too. I wore it a few years- most recently, only with leggings, It needs to move on.

I do save my dress-up things. like cocktail dresses, velvet tops, long skirts, etc., but I find I will need something every year or so. I did find last spring that all my favorite dress-up clothes had somehow stretched hanging up and were too big- beyond alterations, too big. I donated them and, guess what, I had to immediately go out and buy a long dress. I got a fabulous deal but I did wish I still had my too big dresses, too big or not.

Do you get very attached to some clothes?