Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrift Me Not

Image from Ffffound, because none of my thrifts have such spiffy signs!
Something I've been thinking about often since we began the No-Thing New project is the thrifting mindset vs. retail. Why is it I can go into a regular retail store without even being tempted to look around, but if I come anywhere near a thrift store, I feel like I'm being pulled into some shopping vortex?
My theory is retail shopping is too easy. It lacks the thrill of the hunt and the element of suprise as well as the feeling of triumph I get when I find something for a fraction of what it would cost new. Not even deep-discount clearance racks can wear me down the way a thrift shop does. I suspect that has something to do with perceived scarcity: It's the only one! It's now or never!

I've read another chunk of Not Buying It, and I had to laugh because when the author finally breaks down and buys something (in June), it is at a thrift shop. She made it SIX months and succumbs at a thrift shop! Oh, how I can relate!


jackie said...

Thrift shops are awesome...unless you are trying to NOT buy anything...
I live in the Central Bucks area - which shops do you like? I only know of a couple. There is one in Newtown that has 1/2 price clothes on Friday nights, and it is like a party!

Darling Petunia said...

Jackie, you'll have to tell me where this shop is once I'm done with No-Thing New! :) I mostly go to the Salvation Army in Quakertown, the Care and Share in Souderton, and the 2nd Avenue in North Wales.

Jackie said...

Thank you, I've never been to any of those, but good to keep in mind if I am in those areas! You are an inspiration with no-thing new!