Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let's Pretend

OMG!  We moved the couch again! 
In the previous post's comments, Angelia presented the idea of flipping the couch so the chaise extension is on the other end, allowing us to move one of the chairs to the other side of the room.  Brilliant!
In order to get an idea of what that would look like without actually reconfiguring the couch (because that will be a Production), we moved some furniture last night.  So, no, the chair will not be pushed right up against the couch like that.  This is all an exercise in imagination!

Look at the chairs and the couch, and imagine it with the extension at the other end of the couch.  The two zones still exist, but it's more open.  The chairs are no longer "stacked," one behind the other.  I think this could work, what about you?

We also put Diana's suggestion to remove the tall cabinet to the test.  She also suggested removing one of the chairs, but I don't know if that's necessary if we reconfigure the couch and send one chair to the other end of the room.  As for the cabinet, I was reluctant to remove it because I really like it, but I decided I could like it just as easily in another room.  My second problem with removing it was figuring out what to put in its place.  I kept thinking about how much I'd like a console table there, but I didn't want to spend the money on one.  The white "console" is really the bottom portion of the hutch we had in the dining room.  With the other cabinet moved to the dining room, we don't really need the hutch in there anyway, so why not make use of it this way?  It isn't the most stylish piece, but I think it almost goes away once its placed against the light wall and tricked out with lamps and artwork.

Um, yeah.  This is quickly becoming the new black hole.  We are going to try moving it down towards the center of the wall more, now that the room has been shifted.  Just ran out of time last night.  Geez, I'm almost wishing we'd gotten the bigger tv now!  (Don't get excited, Gerry!)

As I was rummaging through my stash for more orange fabric to drape on the chairs, I found this Orla Kiely for Target tablecloth.  I may finally decide to cut into it after all these years!
The chair hardware is on its way!  Tracking shows it arriving soon.  The cushions are going to run about $75 each, so that is a big chunk of my budget.  Whatever else I do needs to be done on the cheap!

How are we doing?
Do you like the ideas?
I appreciate all the input--truly.  It has been most helpful!
Keep it coming!


Diana said...

Love the changes! Wish I'd known the chaise part was flip pale because I wanted to flip it, too!

The white console table looks great, love the art on it and am amazed by how GREAT the two lamps look now that they're together. I want four more pieces of art on that wall, please -- horizontal rectangles stacked two and two to the left and right of the table. If you scooch the chair forward a bit, can you center the table on the wall? If not, the art on the right side should be smaller.

This is so fun! My house is basically done (except for our bedroom), so I'm enjoying the vicarious thrill!


Anonymous said...

Chair bands arrived today and are installed...need the springs for the back of the chair...rocker is ready for cushions. I am heading out to get a 42" tv! Yay me!


Anita said...

Too funny, Gerry! :D

Indigo Blue said...

The wall above the lamps really needs a big picture or quilt, something you have made perhaps? Love the white table with the lamps
. Was it white last week. I have been absent from blogging this week and may have missed some of the changes. Looking good though.

Kris said...

Like everyone says, the orange lamps look fantastic on the white table. How about hanging some of that floral fabric up next to a window so we can imagine how it would look as curtains? Also, the art between the orange lamps might look better in the same area, but hung up higher on the wall.