Tuesday, April 17, 2012


 Just to give you a break from looking at living room pictures, I thought I'd post a photo of this cutie.  Maybe she can find a permanent home in here when it's all done!

 First up, the lamps.  I am really falling in love with these orange lamps, so I think they are keepers one way or another.  I wasn't in love with the placement of them, though, and neither were a few of you.  I started looking through decorating books to see how the professionals handle lighting.  Basically, the only lamps I saw in pairs were part of very symmetrical arrangements, which makes sense, I guess.  I tried them on either end of the sideboard and I like it!  That's another space that's always felt vaguely wrong to me, and now I think it's because I was trying to force an asymmetric arrangement on it.  What do you think? 

I moved the oddball lamp (the actual vintage lamp) over next to the sofa.  I miss the pop of color, but if I throw some bright pillows on there, it should make up for it.  Notice the table has changed?  We bought that at the thrift shop a few weeks ago.  It looked much too short with the small lamps we had, but I think it looks perfect with this set up, especially with the taller lamp.

I made at stop at the fabric store to get a closer look at fabrics and brought home a few samples.  I don't think I'm brave enough to do a print on the chairs, but orange is a distinct possibility.  Gerry prefers the nubby fabric in the top and middle photo (click to enlarge), and I like the color of the velvety stuff on the bottom.  You'll recognize the lattice print from the previous post.  I am not as wild about it in person, but I'm not ruling it out.  The abstract print is VERY cool, but I'm afraid of it all turning a little too retro.

Just to give you an idea of what the chairs would look like in orange.  The bulk of that fabric is a piece of velveteen I happened to have, but you get the general idea.  As for the lamp, everyone keeps saying I need height in the corner.  I realize that isn't the lamp for the room, but I put it there just to see a lamp in the space.  Then I started thinking, what about a hanging light?

Am I losing it here or might that work?  This is from West Elm and is on sale.  The other suggestions I've had for the corner are a large plant, a few hanging lanterns, shelves, fabric panels, etc.  I can't even think of them all! 

To refresh your memory, another look down towards the black hole.  A commenter, Diana, offered:

Now that there's a new chair in the room (which I love and can't wait to see restored), I actually don't like the reading chair in the back corner because when you look in that direction the two layers of chairs becomes eye clutter. I would prefer that the cabinet go away (although that may not be possible) and that wall be used for a collection of art (just mounted posters would be fine) or floating shelves holding your collections of...whatever you collect.

I see exactly what you're saying, and part of me wants to do just that--clear it out, move in a simple console table, and fill the wall with art.  I even think I could utilize the cabinet and extra chair in the dining room.  My big hesitation is that something's gotta give.  If I move those two pieces, two pieces from the dining room have to go, and then I'm starting to worry about storage.  Sigh...more to think about.

And speaking of art...
That is going to be a real can of worms.  The reason the walls were so bare in the first place is because I am so weird about what I'll put on the walls.  I have a real aversion to tacking meaningless things up, no matter how pretty they look, and I'm a little snobby about original art.  Unfortunately, I'm also a complete cheapskate, so I don't get to buy much original art!

Finally, one more thing to address: the floral fabric.

You can see a bit of it in the one picture, where I stuck it up curtain-like.  I LOVE this fabric.  It's vintage, and I bought every last bit they had, which is probably about twelve yards.  It has the orange, and it has yellow, which would tie in the wall color.  When I held it up like a curtain, it looked nice with the bamboo shades.  Intellectually, I tell myself I should use it.  It's paid for, I have plenty of it, and it looks okay.  But I just don't love it in that room.  I think things need to stay more abstract.  Thoughts?

Again, any and all thoughts are welcome! 
Have I made things worse?
Am I heading down a dubious path?
Let me know!


Anonymous said...

I agree the floral is very pretty and also totally wrong for the rooms more modernist '60's? style the floral almost says more '70's maybe kitchen or bed/bath to me .It's softer and not as clean-lined architectural looking


Melanie said...

I covet the doll in the first photo! If you ever decide to release her, PLEASE let me know. I do like the floral, but I don't think it's consistent with the rest of the room. I'd keep the cabinet, but maybe do something unexpected with the placement -- off center or catty cornered in the corner next to the window?

Angelia729 said...

i agree, the floral will look out of place in the more modern room. the block print looked SMASHING though, even as throw pillows.
the only thing i would offer up is if you can swap the sofa to where the extension is on the right side and not on the left. then move the chair to the left side of the sofa and keep the reading chair in the corner. (make sense ?) i know our upstairs sofa with the extension we can unhook it and move it to either side and just flip the cushion. that way tou keep both chairs but the room will be balanced. and even though the orange looks good, you need something organic like a plant in there. i also do not care for the hanging lamps. i think just getting a colorful shade or even a mattalic shade with holes in it would look good.

Darling Petunia said...

Jennifer, I totally agree. I might use it in the dining room.

Darling Petunia said...

Melanie, isn't she sweet? I could not believe my luck when I found her! Maybe you can find one online?

Darling Petunia said...

Angelia, as I said elsewhere, GREAT idea about the sofa! We are going to try it. And do't worry, I am working on a plant!