Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm back with some changes and some answers! I've had feedback on here, on Facebook, and from friends. I love it, so keep it coming!

Several people suggested dealing with the leftover "black hole" area at the far end of the room by setting up a second area, either with a table and chairs or as a reading nook type of thing.  There was also a comment or two about the (paltry) size of the rug.  I thought maybe I could kill two birds with one stone by enlarging the leftover area a bit.  That would make room for a chair or a table in the secondary area AND shrink down the tv space, meaning the rug would fill the space a little better.  Rugs are expensive, so if I can avoid buying a new one, I will!

I also saw this picture online and thought it was interesting how the sofa was pushed all the way into the corner.  We can't quite push ours into the corner because of the radiator, but I think it sort of works anyway.

Yes, it needs color.  Let's assume the walls aren't changing.  They've been painted recently, and we aren't eager to do it again.  And the case pieces are not going to be painted.  We paint a lot of things, but not those!  The sofa can change, as it is slipcovered, but for another $250 or so, I wouldn't do it unless it made a huge impact.  The choices are here.  I think there were a few commenters who mentioned red accents.  I do love red, but I am not a huge fan of it for this room.  I think I need a bridge, so to speak, between the cool greys and the warm wood tones.  The colors I keep picturing are orange and kind of a peacock blue.  I grabbed some fabrics from my stash just to throw on there for an idea, and the lamps came home with me today just to see what a dash of orange would do. 

Moving along, I dragged the Selig chairs in to see how they would play into things.  Amazing what a sore thumb that gingham chair is once the Seligs enter the picture, huh?  Gerry and I are both extremely pleased with how they look in there, so we went ahead and ordered the webbing and springs we need to move forward with the restoration.  That is another opportunity to inject color into the room as well, because I can choose whatever fabric I want for the cushions.  Ideas?  Would you match the sofa?  Pick something kicky?  Go for something subdued, but not necessarily matching?

This is to give some idea of how it all shakes down with the furniture shifted and the new chair in place.  Does the rug make more sense now?  Do you like the chair?  I think the lower back really helps.

Over to the black hole, leftover space, secondary area, whatever you want to call it.  This is a shot of the rocker which will replace the gingham chair.  I just have nowhere to go with things, so use your imagination! 

Okay, the lamps are looking very conspicuous right now, but we can work on that.  Anyway, the other end.  We pushed the cabinet down towards the door a bit so the chair could go in the corner.  If we fill in with artwork on the wall, how would that be?  I propped a painting up there on top of the chair just to get something in that space. 

So, any thoughts on the new developments?  Believe me, this is ALL conjecture!  I am just trying things out and playing around at this point.  If you hate the lamps, that's okay!  If you think the rug still looks dumb, say so!  I won't be offended! :)


Moira said...

First off I love this room and your furniture. I love the peacock blue but I really love the orange. I would go with an orange patterned fabric for the chair cushions! And maybe you can make a peacock colored slipcover for the gingham chair in the corner. it will tie everything together and really pop! :)

Anonymous said...

Moira, notice the sign from the farm in arklow on the taller cabibet?? :)


Lise said...

Much improved! I think the re-arrange makes the room look so much more intentional, and the new chairs are going to make a huge difference. I love the orange and the lamps. I would definitely do a fun fabric on the chairs, with some color. Lots of impact, and not too hard to change if you change your mind later. Keep up the momentum; you're on a roll!

Diana said...

Ditto the earlier comments! I love the orange lamps and the throw pillow and would definitely do an orange-based pattern on the chair (with peacock and dark blue in the pattern to tie it in).

I'd move the second lamp from the cabinet to the sideboard, the the right of the TV, 'cuz it looks very lonely over ther all by itself. But it's a great idea to keep the orange theme going over ther with a piece of art or something.

Now that there's a new chair in the room (which I love and can't wait to see restored), I actually don't like the reading chair in the back corner because when you look in that direction the two layers of chairs becomes eye clutter. I would prefer that the cabinet go away (although that may not be possible) and that wall be used for a collection of art (just mounted posters would be fine) or floating shelves holding your collections of...whatever you collect.

This is the most fun I've ever had with a blog post, btw. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, you have ceiling beams.


Anita said...

Looks better already! I would put a floor/pole type lamp between the couch and the wall. :D