Friday, April 13, 2012

Pimp My Living Room

Our living room has been in a state of flux for long enough.
It was "done" once, but then I saw this at the thrift shop:

Bye bye, country pine armoire.  Hello, mid-century sideboard.
Of course it went with nothing (except the awesome gourd lamp I bought years ago), but I figured I could build around it...eventually. 

If you'll just look around with me for a minute, you can see we haven't progressed very far.  It's still very much a hodgepodge.  I didn't even bother to tidy up for the pictures, because, frankly, it doesn't help much.

The chair with the plaid blanket is not really a design choice.  We brought it in for extra seating at the holidays, and the cats decided it makes a lovely place to sleep.  Likewise, the side tables and lamps--just inexpensive, functional things until we decide what we want.

The sofa is new, and we bought it based on its low profile (so it would not block windows) and comfort.  I also wanted something with a slipcover, because we weren't sure how it would fare against two sets of kitten claws.  The chair goes unused 99% of the time and will be replaced by one of the Danish chairs if we ever get it put back together.

This is a real black hole.  The room is sort of long and narrow, so we have this empty space at one end.  We used to have a thrift shop sideboard down there, with a collection of mirrors hanging above it.  We replaced the sideboard with this cabinet, because it goes better with the other cabinet piece, but it looks lonely over there. 

 There is also a lot of blank wall to the left of the tv.

 A view from the other end.

Help!  It looks terrible, and we are at a loss.
Between the shape of the room, 11 by 22, and the window and door placement, we just can't figure out what to do.  And whatever we do, we don't want to spend a lot of money.

Where would you start?


Anonymous said...

DVD storage by the TV? Or a very large picture...


Darling Petunia said...

Robyn, we have our very small collection of dvds in the drawers of the sideboard. I'm not even sure why we are keeping them! I wondered if we could just move everything down a bit on that wall, so it is more centered.

Indigo Blue said...

You have lovely large windows! In the UK many houses are built with such horrid small windows!
What about putting the single chair at an angle on the wall with the small cupboard, if it is not used much and move the TV and new cupboard in the centre of the wall. Have you any quilts/pictures/ stitched items you could hang up or get framed as they would look great on those pale walls and would add colour without taking up valuable space. Love the wooden floor, we are changing ours to wood.

Mrs. Burris said...

I think a game/work/eating table and chairs in the black hole area would help with the long narrow space. Or move that unused chair beside the cabinet you have now with a good light for reading or knitting. The idea of using a quilt on one wall is a great one.

Diana said...

Do you have some bookshelves you could put on the "black hole" wall and fill with books, plants, objects, or whatever? I like the idea of a reading chair with a lamp as well. Does everything in the room have to stay in the room?

MRgasport said...

I think more art/collectibles on the walls for sure, and I like the idea of moving the chair by the cabinet. What about something or a few somethings in a bright color like yellow maybe to make it cheerier---or fresh yellow flowers every few days! I'm not a decorator but I think just some rearranging would make a difference.