Monday, July 14, 2008

Pay It Forward, Part One

Receiving my neat coasters from Solveig of Made By Petchy reminded me to get going on my Pay It Forward Pledge. For my first gift, I decided to try another one of the Bend the Rules Sewing projects: the Artsy Clutch.

This is a half stash/half clearance fabric project. The orange is a nice cotton from Holland that my mom bought at a yard sale, and I fished the button out of one of my button jars. I did have to buy some elastic, and I'm not crazy about the black, but it was either that or white. (Anyone know if they make different colors?)

You don't need a lot of fabric, and it sews up quickly, so this is a good instant gratification project. I love playing around with different fabric combinations, though, and I probably spent as much time doing that as I did sewing! I could seriously get addicted to sewing these.
This made me laugh: I went outside to take these pictures and thought grass would make a nice background. So there I am, wandering around the yard with my camera and bag, looking for a patch of grass that wasn't too weedy, wasn't covered with clippings, looked nice and green, etc. Anyone who saw me must have thought I was a little strange.


Solveig said...

Oh I love it, looks fabby! One very lucky recipient indeed! And BTDT on the "crazy lady taking pics in her garden" experience, lol

You've reminded me I still have 2 more gifts to make too...

Darling Petunia said...

Thank you, Solveig...I really like how it came out, too. Of course I STILL haven't put it in the mail. Good thing I had 365 days to get this done!

Julie said...

I think all my neighbors think I'm strange when they see me in the yard with the camera, lol. Those little pouches are great and I'm going to have to make me some.

Clare said...

For different coloured elastic, I use hair elastics - so many colours, you can always find one to match your fabric.

Darling Petunia said...

Clare! That's an awesome idea! You are a genius!