Monday, September 15, 2008

King Size

About a year ago, my mom gave me a sheet she bought at Goodwill. "I thought it was fabric," she said. O....kay. Now I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of using sheets to make myself clothing. I can never forget it was a sheet, and I'm always worried someone will think I'm weird for wearing bed linens or get sleepy when they look at me or something. But for pajamas? They're perfect! Pajamas take a lot of fabric, but my KING size, made in USA, no-iron percale sheet was more than big enough.

At first I was only going to make pants. All summer long, I'd been thinking about making a few pairs of light, flowy pants. With that in mind, I bought Simplicity 7092, but I was hesitant to cut a pair out of "good" fabric, so these pj pants would serve as my muslin. Once I finished the pants, I decided I wanted to make a matching top, so I'd have an actual pair of pajamas. I think I must be having some sort of longing for the Fifties--first the apron and now a set of pajamas. For the top I chose Simplicity 3571. I liked that there was no separate collar to mess around with, not even realizing there are no separate sleeves to mess around with either!

I really liked both patterns. The pants pattern has the combination elastic/drawstring waist which is great. The pants also have a lower rise than pajama pants usually do, which is more flattering. I know, I know, they're just pajamas, but if I ever want to make actual pants, I like the pattern for that too. The top is, in my opinion, just about perfect. It's easy to sew, but still looks like a classic pajama top. Wait until my mom sees what I made out of her sheet! Should I make a robe out of a blanket now?

Oh, I almost forgot...


KLS said...

Very cute!

Tess said...

Well I for one don't see sheets on you. They look really cute. The cat too. :) Been lurking for some time and just wanted to say hi and like your sewing as well as blogging style. Keep up the wonderful inspiration pleas.
Teach Only Love
Be Only Love

Sheryl said...

Cute, cute jammies! I have a pair of PJ pants that I made out of a thrifted floral-print sheet, and they are the comfiest pants I own.

I have a couple other pairs too, but these are just the BEST! In fact, it's almost noon, and I'm still wearing them! ;-)

bunting said...

Nice sheet re-fashion, good work. I may even get my old sheets out to try this one!

Darling Petunia said...

Thanks for the nice comments! I do feel pretty darn cute in them!