Monday, January 5, 2009

Owl Try This Again

Right before Christmas, someone donated a book for our library sale. It's volume 2 of a series from the eighties called Stitch by Stitch. I paged through it, looking for hidden gems, and found this guy. Yeah, I know--he's not exactly a gem. He's kind of cross between an owl, a duck, a penguin, and then throw in a little Nauga. Grrr!

But I thought maybe I could tweak him a little and come up with something cute. I knew I'd spend all afternoon trying different shapes and combinations unless I gave myself a deadline, so I allotted an hour and a half, tops.

I started with a plaid, corduroy skirt from my refashion pile.

The rest of the fabrics were in my scrap basket. (Yay! Used some scraps!) You can see I made a lot of changes and left some things out. Even with the clock ticking down, I tried different eyes, different wings, put things on, took things off, until I finally just had to sew everything down the way I had it and hope for the best.

If I'd had the right color, I think some rick rack trim would have been neat. I did add a touch of black to his eyes.

My husband said he needs a mouth. A mouth? He has a beak! I do think he needs something, but not a mouth! Maybe a hat?


Columbia Lily said...

not a hat...maybe a tiny feather or two sticking out of his head.

Darling Petunia said...

Feathers on his head? That's not a bad idea! He might look quite dashing!

LLangevoort said...

I think he needs a RED purse. LOL....just kiddin'. Thanks for sending mine. I like it. You know my god child loves owls. They live in Fulton Co., PA and they have screech, white and gray owls in there area where they live so they call it Sleepy Owl Knoll. The feather idea sounds cute.

Bethany said...

i LOVE him! You should make more and sell them on etsy!

Janey said...

Hi, I like your version he has a quirkiness that is lovely but he's more friendly somehow and def doesn't need a mouth!! He has a beak!! feathery top knot sounds good

Happy New Year BTW this is the first time I've managed to drop in since the festivities. hope you and yours had a great time

Love xx

Cheetah Velour said...

That little owl is soooo cute!!!

PS- I can't believe other people know about the Nauga!

Julie said...

ROTFL! I knew that owl looked familiar. I have "The Complete Book of Babycrafts" and his pattern is in there!!!