Friday, January 9, 2009

What Have You Been Reading?

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green: (Young Adult) Loved it. It has buddies. It has angst. It's quirky. It's witty. (Don't be afraid of the math.) Try it. John Green has a blog too.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Janelle Brown: Just when her husband hits it big, he divorces her. A much edgier book than most of its type.

Death's Autograph by Marianne MacDonald: I thought I might try a new mystery series, but it wasn't that exciting. Set in an antiquarian bookshop. (Maybe that should have been a clue!)

Murder with All the Trimmings by Elaine Viets: Didn't like it as much as the Dead End Job series, but it was okay. The main character is a mystery shopper.

Accessory to Murder by Elaine Viets: See, I didn't hate it! I read a second one. I liked this one better, because the mystery shopping was more integrated into the plot.

The Invisible Wall: A Love Story that Broke Barriers by Harry Bernstein: A memoir about a street in an English town where all the Christian families live on one side, and all the Jewish families live on the other. Great book.

The Anglo Files by Sarah Lyall: Subtitled "A Field Guide to the British," it has its moments, but was not what I expected. I mean, no chapter about tea?

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Anonymous said...

I have ben trying to read all the Anne Perry "Inspector and Charlotte Pitt" books that I have never read. My friend came over New Year's Day and loaned me one of the Anne Perry Christmas books (which I gave her for her birthday) - but her husband also loaned me one of his Christmas books ( as in present) which was actually fun. It was written by Robert Parker and was a "Spencer" book. Tough guys, very funny,easy read, clever mystery. I don't know that I will want to read about Spencer obsessively - but, if another one passes my way, I'll probably read it.