Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Further Field Trip Finds

I've been loving the comments about our Family Fabric Foray. It's exciting to show all the booty to other people who appreciate the thrill of the hunt! Sometimes I think even my fellow shoppers wonder at my enthusiasm when I run up, giggling and squealing, to pluck a sheet from the rack. I can imagine them thinking I might be a little dangerous if I get that excited over used linens.

The little chair up there is another find from our shopping trip. For the amount of time I spent debating that purchase, you'd have thought I was buying a major piece of furniture. It's a child-size chair, and we don't have a child, so it was a bit of a "what will I DO with it?" moment. In the end, I decided to look upon it not as a chair but as a bit of bright sculpture if you will, and so it came home with me.

Five minutes after deciding to buy the chair, I had another decision to make about this doll. I love her folksy outfit and all its details, but she is made of the cheapest plastic and her lips are a rather distracting shade of pink. Still, I love anything suggestive of Scandinavia, so now she's mine. Dollmakers, check out these shoes.

That wouldn't be hard to replicate, would it?


dude said...

that yellow chair looks perfect for miss isabella

nicola said...

i love the chair! i love posts about finds, too!

Megan said...

I love the chair!

Darling Petunia said...

Oh my, no, Isabella would never sit on that chair! It isn't covered with silk! Seriously, that cat has an affinity for luxury fabrics.