Saturday, June 6, 2009


A big THANK YOU to everyone who commented on the hedgehog tutorial! If anyone makes hedgies, I would love love love to see how they turn out! I went looking for more mitts at the Dollar Tree the other day, because I think Eftim and Eamon might need some girl hedgehogs to hang with.

It had been a while since I gave the merchandise in Dollar Tree a good look, so I started poking around. Years ago, I found some great Italian clothespins there, so you never know. I came across a huge bin of these Tidy Tote things, and my first thought was, "Yeah, I remember seeing those at WalMart. How dumb. No wonder they ended up here." Remember? They were in the automotive department, and they were geared towards moms keeping their minivans clean?

Then it hit me. They aren't dumb at all. I was the dumb one.

Ta Da! Four reusable, eco-friendly produce bags for one dollar! I actually made some of these last summer, but I was always sort of unhappy with them, because they weren't sheer enough. Now, as it turns out, I checked etsy, and I'm not the first person to think of this. But I won't charge you for the idea. --wink--

P.S. If there's anyone who can't find these and would like some, I would be happy to send some to you for just the $1.06 and the cost of shipping.


Christie said...

For us locals, which Dollar Tree did you find these at?

Darling Petunia said...


Montgomery Commons - Store #2932
1200 Welsh Road
Suite A2
North Wales, PA 19454
Hours: Mon – Sat: 9:00am – 9:00pm, Sun: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Store hours may vary.

casserole said...

Great minds must think alike. I got some too!!

Gigi said...

I checked back to the post where you made yours out of mesh. I did the same thing last year. Mine were almost the same color. I actually ended up using them as "gift bags" that I sent to my son in Florida. It was lighter and cheaper than wrapping the gifts. He uses them for kids toys, and collecting shells with the kids, then rinsing the shells in the bag with water. So, it wasn't a total loss.

Raesha D said...

what a great "ta-da" - i've been seeing those for ages at our dollar trees and it never dawned on me to use them for produce bags!!!! i'm definitely getting some next time I'm there! Thanks!!

Copper said...

I love my homemade mesh bags. It took me forever to collect enough orange bags of the right size for shopping. But then I found these:

You need one, and I repeat only one. Get the one sized for a bunch of lettuce (I wish I had two - one for lettuce and one for spinach) but they are AMAZING. I swear. I don't usually gush on about these things but you can rinse the lettuce right in the bag and send the kids outside to swing it around to dry. A head of lettuce lasts practically forever in this bag. We went out of town, suddenly, with fresh-ish lettuce and when I got back it was still crisp a week later!! I swear these people deserve supporting as they have an amazing product. yes, it's pricey. yes, it's worth it. Getting my mom one for her b-day coming up.

nicola said...

i have been scouring thrift stores for mesh lingerie bags! these look fabulous (and cheaper). i might love some. i will check our dollar tree first. THANKS

koala brains said...

Looks like I'm overdue for a visit to the $1 store. You are finding regular stuff and coming up with alternative genius uses. I'm going there!

Darling Petunia said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys like this idea!

Casserole: High five!
Gigi: I can see those coming in handy in Florida!
Raesha: Thank goodness there was one bag out of its package. That was the first time I really LOOKED at them!
Copper: That's great that those bamboo bags work so well for lettuce. Nothing worse than limp greens!
Nicola: Just let me know if you need any.
Koala Brains: I avoided the $$ store for a long while, but now I'm going to make a point of giving it a going-over every so often. Never know what'll show up there!

Heather - - said...

I picked some of these up for produce bags, too! I was thinking of adding a strip of fabric or something just to make them cute, though! :)


Anonymous said...

I had bought some of these months ago at my DT I was planning on using them for dunking bags ala GS camp, for my son's dishes @ Cub/BS camp

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