Sunday, March 14, 2010

Books, Part Two

Another rainy, dreary day. Today would be a good day to curl up with a new book, but I promised myself I would work on a denim skirt. Eh, maybe I'll do a little of both.

ETA: The spacing on Blogger is really making me want to tear my hair out! I guess there's nothing left but for me to center every picture from now on. Anyone figure this out yet? Tips?

Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center: It never hurts to have a yummy-looking cupcake on the cover, but I would have liked this book anyway. The main character is someone I'd like to be friends with.

The Summer We Fell Apart by Robin Antalek: Of all the dysfunctional family books I've read lately (and there have been many), this is the best. It's one of those books which is told from several perspectives. Sometimes that doesn't work so well, but it all comes together perfectly in this case.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult: Another formulaic entry from Jodi Picoult. This time she takes on Asperger's Syndrome. Still an okay read, but very predictable. And I mean VERY!

Tell Me Pretty Maiden by Rhys Bowen: Molly Murphy takes to the theater in this installment of the mystery series. Nothing surprising, but pleasant.

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman: My favorite of this group. Reminiscent of The Secret Life of Bees with just a touch of The Help. I was surprised by how much I liked it!

Trash Pile (Books I tried to read, but couldn't get into:
Anna Karenina


bagqueen said...

thanks for the book recommendations, I always enjoy looking what other people are reading. I find a few difficulties with the blogger thing, the lining up thing is a mance but I thought it was just me that was no good with machines!! My posts are sometimes not quite the same as my previews and why do I get big gaps that I can't get rid of?? BTW I have managed to get a post back when I published by accident!! I think I deleted it but managed to keep the copy in my drafts bit so was able to carry on and re publish when it was complete!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions. My friend wants the two of us to do a little online book discussion together & we have TOTALLY different taste in books. However, I saw two here that I think we'd both like. I'll suggest them to her.


Julietta said...

Thanks for your book reviews, it's always interesting to see what others are reading.
I have the same problem with blogger and I thought I was doing something wrong. My preview always looks different from my actual post which means that I have to edit it each time. Sometimes it seems to be better to do the changes in the html version as the other ones seem to get lost. After you have published you can edit your post when you go to customize, then posting and then edit posts. I hope this helps!