Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's Things

Rolling along with the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge...I am still working in the bedroom. The air conditioner is in here, so can you blame me? I snapped this picture bright and early this morning, because my mom was coming, and I wanted to give her the quilted bag!

6. Hanging file basket. Don't need it anymore--have a big filing cabinet.
7. Stack of books from bedside cabinet.
8. Stack of catalogs and magazines.
9. Two handbags.
There will be more books to come, but those are the ones I had in the bedroom. Now, about the magazines. The "official" Throw Out 50 Things rules say that groups of items count as one thing. Well, you see...okay...I'll show it...

Yes, this is my shame. I just can't bring myself to throw these away without looking through them. So my rule says that every big, fat stack of magazines I get through will count as one thing. That stack in the trash pile was about eight inches thick, so I'm calling it good.

10. Pile of clothes.
11. Basket.
12. Two pairs of shoes.
13. Make up. (Make up? Me?)
14. Random flotsam from my beside drawer, including two old IDs.
15. Hair paraphernalia.

This is going to be about it for the bedroom. I actually gave my closet a pretty good going over a few weeks ago, so there wasn't much to go through. Never fear, there are many, MANY more clothes in danger of being sent thriftward, but they are in another room.
Has anyone else been inspired to play along? Tomorrow I will move to the spare room and tackle the rest of my clothes. Give me strength.
P.S. Two commenters who wished to have a stitch counter need to send me their addresses! Use DarlingPetunia (at) aol (dot) com, please!


Wendy said...

ok, I really should join you and throw out 50 things.... or 150!

But instead my mind says "look at those cute shoes!!!"

Darling Petunia said...

Those cute shoes don't fit! No way would I be getting rid of them if they did!

Lizzie Ann said...

those shoes are WAY cute! what size? Also I would love a stitch counter! :) I'll e-mail you my address.

Julie said...

The shoes, the SHOES!!! So cute, if you'd be willing to sell, let me know the size.

Darling Petunia said...

Julie, the shoes are a size 11. Your feet don't look that big!