Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally Fifty!

The spool cabinet is staying! It has a new home in the bedroom, where I've put it to use as a repository for my necklaces. Considering that it previously held nothing but tea lights and napkins that I've deemed too pretty to use, this is an improvement. Now that it's earning its keep, I don't feel bad about hanging onto it. Those napkins, on the other hand...I need to either use them or lose them.
Of course the necklaces are sorted by color. What fun is having drawers if you're not going to sort things?

47. Substitution for the spool cabinet: Large canvas duffel bag.
48. Already done.
49. Another stack of magazines.
50. Quilt blocks.
Extras. More items for categories I already covered and a few miscellaneous things.
Wow, getting to fifty was not hard at all! I haven't even touched the kitchen, the garage, the attic, or the basement. I've also been careful not to touch anything that belongs to Gerry, but he's been making sounds about doing a purge of his own.
I still have some work ahead of me: I still have a magazine pile; I have a lot of redundant summer clothes; and I still need to deal with the pile of things I've culled. But this is a good start, and I feel good about it!

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Care said...

Fifty cheers for getting it done! I am feeling inspired to do the same thing around here!