Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maybe My First Retraction

Okay, so I didn't finish my fifty things on Friday. Imagine that--me procrastinating! Never! I don't even have a good excuse unless you count the hot date I had with Gerry at Chick-Fil-A (to claim our free spicy chicken sandwich which he liked, by the way) and a dash into Aldi to buy ice cream sundae cones to eat on the way home.

38. The continuation and conclusion of my photo-sorting project.
43. Needlepoint pillow.
44. Spare picnic basket.
45. Basket which held napkins. I put most of the napkins away. No one needs that many at once.
46. Little painted stool.
47. Antique spool cabinet.
48. A contribution from Gerry! Jerry Garcia ties he is tired of.

Uh oh. I was just going to write something about that spool cabinet and why I'm not keeping it, when I gazed over at the corner of the bedroom. There's a dresser there with almost nothing on top of it. Over in the other corner is a mirror draped with necklaces, and a big plastic bag with MORE necklaces is setting on the radiator below. I wonder how the spool cabinet would do as a jewelry chest?

#47 may be retracted. Gotta think about this some more. Thoughts?


Wendy said...

I agree with your retraction -- it's a beautiful cabinet. And if keeping it means creating more organization without spending money, then I think it should be allowed! :)

What if you tossed 2 more things to get back the cabinet?

Denise said...

I think you should definitely keep the spool cabinet. It's a great place for small stuff like jewelry.

Anonymous said...

I'd be spending a month of income on your garage sale lol.


Angelia said...

i say keep the spool cabinet, you sew and its a cute little thing. whats the deal on the basket ? is it one of longerberger ones ?