Wednesday, June 9, 2010


An unexpected benefit of throwing out fifty things was unearthing some stuff I'd forgotten I even had. In some cases, the fact that I didn't even remember having this stuff made the decision to purge that much easier. In others, I told myself, "If you're going to hang onto this, do something with it NOW!"

I found this 1962 Hammond's Family Reference World Atlas behind my boxes of photographs. I'd brought it home, intending to use the maps in a craft project, but...well...we all know how that goes. Still, when it popped up again the other day, I thought about all the possibilities and decided to keep it.

Meanwhile, I'd been thinking about the wall over my bed. I still had a (fake) pine wreath hanging there, left over from Christmas. I'd been trying to come up with a substitute, and finally asked my Facebook friends for ideas. Someone suggested a map, and wouldn't you know it, I finally had a use for some of those atlas pages!

This is the most impromtu decoration ever. The pages are torn from the atlas and stuck up with double-sided tape. I'm not sure how this will evolve, but I'm loving the colors and the idea of the maps. I like seeing the places we've been and the places we hope to visit someday.

What unusual things have you used in your decor? Have you framed an old spelling test? A menu from a special vacation?

P.S. I realized I never set a deadline for entering the apron giveaway. How about we give it until midnight tonight? I'll choose and announce a winner tomorrow! Good luck!


Samina said...

I'm not creative enough to do anything like that, but a friend of mine did frame & hang an oversized (& rather pretty) menu from a beachy restaurant somewhere in her hallway. It's looks great & fits in with the seaside theme of her house.

Melanie said...

I used to work in divinity school library. We cleaned out the storeroom and found this cool parchment looking brochure for a lecture series. They were going to throw it out, but I snagged it; took it home; cropped it and framed and it's been in my living room ever since. One man's junk. . .