Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Call for Contest Entries!

Strike up the band: I finally tackled the skirt portion of
(Eloise helped.)
Because skirts are my thing, all conventional wardrobe wisdom goes out the window.  I hoard skirts.  I am a skirtaholic.  Skirts are my kryptonite.

I began by heaping every single skirt I own onto the bed. 
I won't say how many that was just yet.
And then I tried on every single one.

Whew, that was a job.

Grounds for expulsion?
1. Doesn't fit.  Too small or too big, and too much work to alter.
2. Too similar to too many others.  If there was something similar I'd reach for first, out it went.
3. Not really my style anymore...or was never my style to begin with!  Yes, I had skirts I'd never worn.

I feel like I could push myself a little more, so I'm going to run through them one more time to see if I can make more cuts. 

This is a lot of fuss and bother over what's in my closet, isn't it?
But more on that at a later time.

For now:
The end of the Guess the Number of Skirts contest is nigh!
Today is your last chance to enter!
Remember, there are four prizes to choose from:

Lots of cute things in there!  Remember to leave your guess in the comments of the original post.


SusanaSorrindo said...


SusanaSorrindo said...

Oh nevermind - I already entered on the original post. lol Disregard the above. I'm having reading comprehension problems today.

Anonymous said...

73..I have high expectations of our Susan :)


Anonymous said...

121 skirts


Anonymous said...

73 skirts

Anonymous said...

89 skirts. Hoppe I am close. Becki

Anonymous said...

I know you've been downsizing, so I'll say you kept 36 skirts.


Mary Lou said...

I'd guess 24 either though Susan loves skirts.