Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New New Look

For the past few months, instead of reaching for my old favorites, I've been trying out some new patterns. The dresses, the nightgown, and, of course, some skirts. I never thought I'd say this, but I've been looking for a skirt that's a little straighter. Nothing too severe and pencil-y, just a change from the A-lines I know and love.

The latest experiment: New Look 6758 in view B (top row, middle). I figured the company that brought us New Look 6843, otherwise known as the best A-line skirt pattern of all time, might come through again.

Ultimately, I'm happy with the results, but it was touch and go there for a bit. I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the side zipper on a more fitted skirt like this, although that could have something to do with my zipper-inserting abilities. I think I do a pretty good job with them, but there could be some secret technique I'm missing. In any event, the zip seems a little too long, maybe? And doesn't follow the contour of my hip as smoothly as I'd like. Any suggestions?

I don't have a picture of the zipper, but here I am discovering deodorant marks on my shirt!

My second issue was with the waistband. It has a shaped waistband with the potential to be lovely, but the construction method is kind of a mess. Now that I know what they're aiming for, I think I can simplify that and clean it up a bit.

Look! I can wear my yellow shoes with this skirt! I have no recollection of buying this fabric. It was too much to have been a remnant...maybe it was supposed to become an apron? My mom remarked, "Well, you can certainly wear a lot of colors with it."

The last issue I had was with the fit. I cut a size smaller than my measurements called for, and it was still big. I was wary of taking it in, so I just threw it in the dryer instead. It shrunk just enough to make me happy. Next time I'll cut the smaller size.

Gotta have a hem shot! This shows that any narrow lace will do--it doesn't have to be official Flexi-Lace. I liked how I could follow the scallops with my stitches on this one. OCD, anyone? Oh well, it's not a very full skirt, so it didn't take too long to hand stitch it!


Karin said...

That skirt looks great on you, especially with those great yellow shoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Try ironing an inch of soft interfacing over the seamline before putting in the zipper. That will eliminate the stretch of the bias at the hip curve.

That said, I prefer to have my skirt zippers in the back. I just add a seam allowance rather than cutting the back piece on the fold.

Rhonda said...

Very cute skirt-the colors are great. The pattern looks really nice too, I may have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but why do you use lace to bind your hem? is it a pretty alternative to bias binding?

i love the idea, just curious if it adds any functionality.
lovely to see the detail of your sewing!

nicola said...


bunting said...

quote "I was wary of taking it in, so I just threw it in the dryer instead."
Love that method - it's my favourite way of making things fit too! I hardly use my dryer, but it's great for shrinking stuff (felted wool sweaters for slippers, you know).

Melynda said...

I linked to you today. I should have done a search on this pattern before I made it. I could have saved myself some fit issues. I agreed with your review.